Dissertation proposal and MORE

It is the most challenging and time-tacking academic task among them all. When students have to write dissertations they usually feel horrified not knowing what to do and where to start. However the success of graduation depends on how good they’ll cope with the project.

Not every student possesses good writing skills.

Those who have the English language as their second one are even more confounded. Why? Because it’s x3 more difficult for them to cope with this type of paper.

Today everyone has a solution. Everyone can order a custom dissertation and achieve 2 primary benefits. Here they are:

  • FREE TIME. As a matter of fact the writing process takes you half a year as a minimum. But when your work is done by an expert, this time is spent on other important issues such as studying more theory or making an early career start.
  • HIGH CREDIT. A professionally tailored dissertation online meets all your requirements and features a genuine content. Each of our agency specialists has already accomplished 3-4 of such papers. Therefore they know how the work has to be done up to the mark.

Don’t risk the success of your submission. If you don’t feel confident enough in your knowledge and, most importantly, skills, then using an expert help is the RIGHT CHOICE.

Graduating with flying colors by spending 30 minutes? Custom dissertations at our service make it possible. You just fill in the order form, click the SUBMIT button and make a payment. Everything else is done by a personally assigned Ph.D. specialist.

Custom dissertation writing

The decision is crucial. But it has to be done. Since you are unable to write a solid work on your own, then getting a fully custom piece is the ONLY way out. Check out how our online dissertations look like:

  • Researched according to the given topic
  • Written FROM SCRATCH featuring plagiarism-free plot [Copyscape report is attached]
  • Edited, proofread and referenced by a team of in-house specialists
  • Cover pager, abstract, acknowledgments, table of contents, introduction, literature review, findings, discussion, conclusion, references, appendices are also written for you

Of course, you can always acquire a free-to-download dissertation proposal or a whole new paper at a [which is for sure] random site. But it’s of no good. You need a genuine and one-of-a-kind work. It is the exact type we provide you with. Only a quality custom dissertation provides excellent outcomes.

Who writes dissertations?

As you have already learned, you get a personal dissertation writing expert assigned. He is a native English speaker and holds Ph.D. in a required subject area. Having such academic wallah covering your back is a winning strategy. Every writer in our team:

  • Possess a brilliant command of knowledge in a certain field of study
  • Features 3 years of permanent practice
  • Is trained to work under pressure and meet set schedules
  • Carries out self-editing
  • Is instructed to interact directly with a client [when needed]

We employ UK and US specialists. Everyone has to pass special aptitude tests and demonstrate a solid portfolio. This is the only kind of dissertation writer who can REALLY have the job done. Elite is the most suitable adjective here.

Online dissertation services for smart students

Confidentiality is important. Thus we guarantee that payment details and personal information about our clients are 100% secured. Third parties have zero access to our database for it is legislatively protected as a commercial secret.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are the only copyright proprietor of your dissertation ordered at our service. Once it’s accomplished, you download it and read through. In case amendments are needed, you are FREE to assign revisions. After that the paper is DELETED from our database.

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Thus re-selling of content is impossible.

Here’s another hint. Given the fact that your online dissertation is authentic, it passes any plagiarism check with flying colors. Professors see that your work is original and give you high credits. We provide you with drafts you frequently present to supervisors so not a single suspicion is raised.


It’s a complex and extra-challenging task you have to hand in. It’s possible to say that your future career depends on it. The submission of a custom dissertation has the highest chance to succeed. But the price might bite at a first glance.

The investment into your successful graduation is priceless. Besides working at a part-time job you’ll easily collect a required sum.

Moreover, we offer you SOLID price-offs. The more pages you need – the higher your discount is. The sooner you place an order – the lower the price will be.